Vineyard Insurance in northern California including Chico CA, Oroville CA, Willows CA & Surrounding Areas

Your Northern California Winery and Vineyard Is Our Primary Concern

Vineyard Insurance

Your vineyard is a very large investment and deserves to have a protection package that reflects its value to you. Heritage Insurance Agency creates individualized plans for vineyards. We have been involved with vineyards from ground breaking all the way through harvest. Each stage of the vineyard growth has its own special needs. For Winery and Vineyard owners across California, we are there to make sure that your Vineyard Insurance coverage reflects your needs.

Heritage Insurance Agency offers Property, Liability and Special Event coverage specifically tailored to wineries, vineyards and growers across Northern California. We offer Winery and Vineyard Specific coverage presented by an agent who owns a winery and vineyard, and understands the risks and exposures associated with it.

We work with trusted insurance partners such as Oregon Mutual, Zenith, Travelers, Nationwide, Markel, Liberty Mutual, and Grange. Click here to view a brochure from Oregon Mutual Insurance to better understand how Winery and Vineyard Insurance works.

Vineyard Protection With The Custom Coverages You Need

Some of the issues that your Vineyard coverage should address:

Buildings and structures are covered through your policy as part of your protection plan.

Tractors, harvesters and other equipment are covered under the inland marine insurance as a key piece of your California Vineyard Insurance package.

  • Chemical Drift covers any spray from your operation that drifts off the property and damages the neighbors' crops. It is a big issue if your neighbor is organic or growing a different crop than you are. Protection is available all they way to $1,000,000
  • Transportation Issues - Are your grapes covered on the way to the winery. If you are hauling your own, you need to have cargo coverage. You should also check with any contract hauler to make sure they have your grapes protected all the way to the winery.
  • Damage to Vines and End Posts - Did you get the endorsement to add coverage for a car crashing into your vineyard? An accident might do considerable damage to end posts and even the crop itself. This inexpensive coverage has paid large dividends for several of our clients

Call Today For Your Peace Of Mind

Insuring your vineyard does not have to be complicated. With the number of vineyards we currently insure we have seen what is needed and have protected our clients. We will walk you through the entire process in the most effective and painless way we know how. We are happy to come out to the vineyard and walk it with you to see your special needs. From the vines, to the well, to the equipment and buildings we have a protection plan that will keep your assets protected. We will take the questions out of your Vineyard Insurance and take the time to explain it to you.

At Heritage Insurance Agency, we protect vineyards in and around Northern CA and Sierra Foothills. We know the area. We know the properties. We know how to protect you with the right type of insurance for your vineyard. Even better we live here and know what is happening to your crop almost as soon as you do.

Let the professionals at Heritage Insurance Agency create an insurance plan just for you. California has a wonderful reputation for its wine and it's the vineyard owners that make it possible. We are honored to work with local vineyard owners as they have proved to the world the quality being grown here. Let us protect you today.